Tuesday, 27 March 2012

lovely new shoes!

Happy, happy me! I am the bargain queen.

Yesterday I set myself a challenge.  Go shopping with a limit of $40.  Why? I hear you ask.  Well, just because.  I love a bargain and set off wondering what I'd find (if anything).

Well - believe it or not, I had quite a choice and I found it incredibly difficult not to snap up two pairs of heels (from Lipstick and Tony Bianco) and a Cue dress ($59 down from $259!), but I stuck to my guns - $40 and no more... 

My choice... Tony Bianco 'Ardent' stilettos in seaweed snakeskin. Gorgeous! RRP $169.95 but mine for just $40!!! Oh joy of joys.

My lovely new Tony Bianco heels

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