Tuesday, 13 March 2012

the perfect pair?

Image: Miranda Kerr Pregnant. W Magazine
As you may have gathered by now, I appreciate women aesthetically, and yes, I like looking at them naked. Not in a lesbo way, I just think women are lovely to look at. 

I can't help telling someone if they have nice boobs, or lovely legs or a enviable bottom. If it makes them feel uncomfortable, who cares! Take the compliment.

I have always had a fascination with boobs, from when I was really young.  I used to have a secret tally of how many I'd seen (sneaky peaks of brothers girlfriends, sisters, ladies in changing rooms...).  Then my girlfriends and I would play 'doctors and nurses' and would examine each others spouting buds. Anyway that's another story... Suffice to day, I still enjoy seeing a good set of baps.

So, my question is this....  
Who's boobs do you love?

This weeks 'Boobs of the Week' award goes to Miranda Kerr.  This shot, once again from W Magazine.  Mighty fine Miranda!  You absolutely do have the perfect pair!

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