Wednesday, 14 March 2012

why pop socks make me cringe...

It's true, I do cringe when I spot someone wearing knee-high pop-socks. Or, even worse, those feet ones - you know the type, they are meant to be 'hidden' by your shoe - except they never are! Occasionally you see them when someone is sitting down and their trousers or skirt hikes up, or you happen to look down at someone's shoes - that's when I go "ugh!" no matter how nice the shoe or outfit is!

Flesh coloured and ugly. Why do people wear them...? Is it because they suffer from sweaty feet? Is it because they offer warmth? Do they like the feel of nylon? I just don't understand the point of them at all.

The main offenders!

Ugh - lace ones??!!

The dreaded pop sock...

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