Thursday, 15 March 2012

80s and 90s heaven

It's weird getting old...  Walking around the shops the other day, seeing all the 80/90s retro styled gear on sale - the stuff I used to wear when I was a teenager. It took me back and made me smile.  I know fashion goes round in circles, but I'm seeing it for myself now, and it's bizarre.  

While I was at school, I loved fashion.  As with most people, my style followed my taste in music (The Smiths, The Cure, Transvision Vamp, Prince, The Clash, etc). From my bleached blond hair, Dr Marten boots, fishnets and tutus, rummaging in op shops for vintage dresses, to obsessing over the latest heels or sheer/beaded tops and ripped jeans, I went through quite a few phases... All that hormonal confidence and sass and not wanting to conform, wanting to stand out, believing you could do anything...

While at school and college, I worked part time at the local pub and would save up my hard earned cash, stuff it in my wonderbra and hop on the National Express bus to London, to Kensington High Street, to my favourite fashion emporium - Hyper Hyper.  Designers like Pam HoggJohn RichmondKatherine HammettBoy, Red or Dead and Helen Storey all had stalls within it's wonderful walls or had stores nearby (designers that dressed Kylie, Madonna, Boy George, George Michael, Wendy James - all the big names of the day).  It was emerging fashion heaven, and I have such brilliant memories of those days.

The great thing is I still have a stash of my old clothes.  But I wish I'd kept more...  

My Beloved Dr Marten Boots  

Remember these?

Lovely BOY leggings
making a come back.
I still have my John Richmond DESTROY jacket!  I still love it.
George Michael wore a John Richmond jacket in his Faith video.

Katherine Hamnett who created the famous Wham T-Shirts

For that retro look see Princess Ratbag's amazing pettiskirts

One of my favs
Oh how I loved my mesh g-string body suit!
My beloved Helen Storey Bra


  1. Very cool. Were your Docs made in England? The last couple of pairs I've had were made in Asia (though bought on London high streets!) and they fell apart really quickly. They don't make 'em like they used to. Your boots are classics!

    1. My docos lasted years and years of constant wear! What a shame yours fell apart! I bought mine when I was about 14 at Shelly's on Oxford Street...