Saturday, 31 March 2012

my bitch of the week...

I have to ask... please tell me. Why do some women think it's okay to dress their darling girls (I'm talking 7-11 year olds) like little sluts? Yes, it's a harsh thing to say, and I'm sorry if it offends you (actually I'm not), but it's true! Some girls look way too provocative for their age, due to what they are wearing. Do the mothers of these girls just not see what I see?

Knee high black boots worn with very short shorts or tight little dresses is not an appropriate look for a young girl. I'm not a prude and I'm all for young self expression, Christ I went through enough 'stages' as a teenager... And yes, I know our girls have their own taste, but as parents we should still keep an eye on what they look like and guide them, at least until puberty hits.  

13-year-old ChloĆ« Moretz in Paris Vogue Dec 2010

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