Saturday, 7 July 2012

caught on camera...

I've just finished reading Testimony by Anita Shreve. The story is told by various characters whose lives have been impacted, in some way, by a foursome caught on video at an elite private school, one of whom is underage. I enjoyed the book, it was an easy read and I found the subject, not challenging at all, but quite thought provoking. It raised questions about how something can snowball and become far bigger and far more damaging that it ever should be.

Teenagers, drinking, experimentation and sex. No amount of education and preaching is ever going to stop it. It's human nature to be curious and need to try things. To find out who you are... We have all done it. But the thing I do find scary, that is highlighted in the book, is that nowadays it can get caught on camera and subsequently uploaded onto the Internet, Facebook or whatever. The thought makes me shudder. I'm sure we've all done things we're not proud of, stupid acts or even fun things that you just don't want broadcast, but thankfully they can remain as just embarrassing (or pleasurable but secret) memories.

I didn't think too much as a teenager about what I was doing or the consequences. I was wrapped up in just having fun. Sometimes the more risqué or seedy the better. I didn't consider risks or feelings at all. And if drink was involved then it was a case of 'anything goes'. Easily discarded blurred photos where about as bad as any 'evidence' got.

I can't imagine how awful it would be to have footage of some of these events. To have parents, peers and strangers watch things that should be private.The fact is when you watch things, you can't help make a judgement on the people involved. But sometimes, like in this story, there can be a back story, an explanation that can somehow justify the actions, or it should simply just remain private act between willing participants.

I'm sure most of us have seen the excruciating Paris Hilton sex tape. It's not erotic at all and to be honest I wish I hadn't seen it. Not cause I'm a prude, but, I was just so embarrassed for her. She wasn't enjoying it, it wasn't about her pleasure, it was obviously not meant to be seen.  She must have been mortified when the tape first surfaced.  Not that it really did her any harm.  Any fame is good nowadays right?

It's my kids that I feel for.  I hope they get go through their teenage years unscathed by anything that could change the course of their lives...


  1. Good post, lots to think about. I also enjoyed that book.
    I wonder if the next generation will care as much about things 'caught' on camera. Are they maybe going to be a little more de-sensitised than we are?

  2. Maybe you're right Lou. Maybe the next generation won't care or maybe it will be the norm. As I have said before, it's the Romans all over again... I love the uncut version of Calligula...