Thursday, 19 July 2012

today I am wearing...

Yay the sun is out today!  I hope it sticks around as I have a lunch date. 

I'm wearing a new Cue In the City dress.  I love it!  It's such a gorgeous colour and the fabric is heavy and pouffy (in a good way), it's beautifully lined and just feels fab on. It's still a bit parky outside, so I've added a Top Shop jumper underneath, and my Hot Options jacket again.

I had a tough decision on the heels...  My Zoe Whittner plum stilettos, which are a perfect colour match or Steve Madden black patent stilettos? I opted for the black.  I'll wear the plum next time, when I don't need the jumper under the dress.

Cue dress. Steve Madden stilettos. Hot Option jacket. Top Shop jumper.

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