Friday, 13 July 2012

today I am wearing...(and a shopping tale)

I was destined to go to Myer today. It was fate. Wanna know why? Extra discounts on all the already reduced racks!!! So ladies and gents - go, go, go!!! Don't miss out!

I only went to the shops for a relaxing browse, intending on a quick nip in, walk around and out - my exercise for the day (it's raining again), and to pick up seaweed sushi for lunch.

I was all set to head home. I was saving Myer till last... Well, as you know, my pulse starts racing when I can smell a bargain... and let me tell you - there are bargains galore to be had! Review and Cue has amazing deals. Honestly, I could have bought armfuls of dresses (if not for the threat of Mr S divorcing me)... $279 dresses down to $69 then another 25% off. Even Cue had a further 20% off their reduced stuff - which rarely happens! So into the changing room I went, arms piled high with dresses!

The most exciting thing of all is that I found the perfect dress for my niece's wedding (yes, yes, I know I have already bought one)! I fell in love with this dress a month or so when it first came out and there it was... one size 8 with my name on it! Destiny. For $79 with a further 25% off! So happy. I got the Cue dress too. I can't wait to wear it. Looks fab with my short black jacket.

Happy days indeed.

What I wore to the shops... 
Yes, you have seen me in this before
Cue In The City dress - sold $51
In the changing room at Myer, texting my
sister this pic of the dress - sold $59

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