Wednesday, 11 July 2012

island life...

I was totally miles away this morning when I had my morning shower. I actually think I might of still been sleeping, but with my eyes open, just moving along on autopilot, washing and enjoying the very hot water on my skin, fantasising about living a reclusive life on my own tropical island. I was so lost in it all, visions of me wafting around in a light Pucci kaftan, that I only came to when I was out of the shower and rubbing baby oil on my freshly shaved legs... only to discover I had only done one (leg)! Yes, I definitely needed that strong, double shot skinny flat white this morning!

The whole island thing came about at the weekend when we were looking at houses in North Queensland, with the idea of moving somewhere hot and steamy, where I never have to feel cold. Then I searched for islands for sale and up came my absolute idea of paradise. Double Island off Palm Cove in far North Queensland! For sale for a cool $8,000,000. Seriously, if I had the money, I would be negotiating the sale right now.

I love the idea of living like beautiful India Hicks (who lives in the Bahamas in her plantation-style home called Hibiscus Hill), designing things, raising my children and only venturing off the island to attend some cool party... Me, jealous?  Oh yes!

The breath taking Double Island, Palm Cove, Queensland
Got a spare $8M? View the sale details here

India's gorgeous Bahamas home... check out her site here 
For more of her fabulous house click here

Not bad for 68th in line to the throne!

Yes I admit it! I want to be you India! Check out James Andrew
from 'What James is Wearing' (pictured with India) here

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