Friday, 24 May 2013

over and out (for a bit)

Well dear readers the time has come for me to take a short break while I travel overseas to sunny (ha ha) England.  I've packed my winter clothes ready for the English summer and I have my sleeping pills at the ready (for the flight).  My list of instructions for dear Mr S have been printed and I'm kind of all ready to go.  Just trying to think of the positives, for example:

I will see a new country. I haven't stopped over at KL before, so that'll be nice
I will see my lovely brothers again (who I haven't seen in a year or two)
We'll be all together as a family
I will soak up London for a brief spell and wonder why I ever left (because it is a bloody great city)
Possible shopping...

I'm still trying not to think about why I'm going. When Little Miss S asked me last night why I was going away, I simply told her the truth, "Granddad is going to die soon, and I need to see him one last time, to tell him that I love him very much and that he has been the best Dad". Tears welled up in her eyes and it suddenly hit me hard in the chest, like a tight squeeze around my heart. The image of my dad and me as a young girl and how important he was to me, my world, or one half of it... God it's so much easier to keep that hard wall up! This dying thing is horrible.  I know we all have to face it but it really is a sad part of life. It made me think of when Mr S and I are old and it's our turn... Gotta make the most of it people!

Right. Enough. Over and out.


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