Tuesday, 7 May 2013

oh dear... the Met Ball misses

Oh my goodness. There are a few shockers on this list! What were they thinking?  A bad case of Met Ball Madness perhaps?

I guess, in fairness, at least they tried. Plenty of people wore predictable, nice but boring outfits. Jessica Alba for example - boring!  Jennifer Lopez - seen it before (yawn).

Okay are you ready? 

Warning: you may need to shield your eyes from the horror below...

OMG. I'm literally lost for words! All I can think of are Shire horses
and brass bands!

SJP.  The dress is cool.  But I'm sorry the roman headdress is just stupid,
and what have you got on your feet??!!

White Rasta Olsen (nice shoes though)

I like the dress.  I HATE the shoes!!! Ruins the outfit! And tights! 
All I can think of is your sweaty gusset Christina!

Sorry - I'm still laughing!  Oh dear, poor little poppet. She has no idea.
Queen Bee fell in the honey pot!!! I don't have words to describe how much
I HATE those boots.  I want to vomit. Seriously, I feel sick.
Skank. This Marc Jacobs dress is just crap and ugly.  It could have been brilliant.
oh Madonna. Love the top half. DETEST the bottom half! What is it with you
and your obsession with showing off your legs and arse?! Tacky.

Miserable Kristen. No wonder! No, no, no, no NO!
Remind you of a recycled Christmas table cloth anyone?

Opps someone got the brief wrong!  Katie it's punk love, not playing card
Photo source: Huffington Post

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