Monday, 13 May 2013


Two things I hate about hands. 

I can't abide having dry hands (as in dry skin, not just dried after being wet, if you get my drift...).  I remember once, travelling to Canada in the middle of winter, and overnight my hands literally aged 50 years. I woke up with dry shrivelled hands that could have been attached to a 90 year old!  They hurt and looked hideous.. Thank goodness for moisturiser! I had to reapply hand cream several times a day and they finally returned to normal. So part of my two-minute, twice daily 'beauty' regime is to apply moisturiser to my hands. I really like slowly rubbing it in. I have to do it though, no one else. 

I also detest soggy hands. I cannot be touched by someone with soggy hands.  You know, when the skin goes all waterlogged and wrinkly. Ugh. Even my poor kids can't touch me with soggy hands. It's the feeling, I hate it, soggy skin on skin.  It gives me the shivers! Ugh! That's one reason why I prefer showers to baths.  If I'm in the bath I can only tolerate it for 10-15 minutes.  Once my hands go, that's it. Bath over. Out I pop and make a grab for the hand cream!

I think I have sensitive hands actually, they give me strong reactions to touch, very enjoyable sensations and very unpleasant. I like my hands. Is that weird? Who cares.

Love this Olive Tree organic body butter!

Fancy a smear? Now, now, get your mind out've the gutter!

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