Wednesday, 31 July 2013

half empty or half full?

I'm guilty of always wanting a bit more, of rarely feeling totally satisfied. When I am, the feeling doesn't last long because I quickly move on to the next need or want. It's a crap character trait. I wish I was more content. I wish the satisfied feeling lasted longer.

New shoes, a must have dress, a holiday, a short break in the country, an adventure... It's constant. An endless cycle. Glass half empty / glass half full...

My needs and wants are all so superficial, self indulgent and unimportant, it's ridiculous really. First World problems, that in the grand scheme of things, are not problems at all! Basically a desire to live well beyond my means. Instead of real problems such as ill health or sickness, danger, fear, addiction, basic survival, exploitation, hunger, abuse or domination. I worry about not being able to afford another holiday, if I'm paying too much for a bunch of kale (or whatever food type is flavour of the month), or whether my cellulite shows through my dress...

The truth is everyone I know, myself included, lead very privileged lives. Happy, healthy families, all the trappings of middle class life. Travel, boats, new cars, private schools, wardrobes overflowing with nice clothes, healthy diets, meals out and time to enjoy ourselves. We're all very lucky to live in this bubble, so far away from the problems of the worlds majority.

I'm not one for wanky feel-good, 'oh I'm so grateful', motivational quotes or blogs or pictures. And quite frankly the word 'journey' and 'blessed' make me want to gag, but it is good to sit back and just appreciate what you have sometimes. Life is so fragile. Things can change in an instant. I'm going to try and make an effort to be happy with what I have and remember that sometimes even ignorance can be bliss.

Is your cup half full or half empty?

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