Wednesday, 24 July 2013

the day after

Kate Middleton. Clearly the happiest woman on the planet. She married a prince and has now given birth to a future  king. Wills chose well. She's got an amazing life and seems to be embracing and loving every minute of Royal life. But. Today though I wonder how she's really feeling? Just a day after giving birth, leaving hospital, having to face the world's media. Blimey! 

Imagine facing millions, billions even, having to hide the fact that you are totally knackered, have rock hard, agonisingly sore, swollen tits, a big saggy belly that feels like numb jelly, a massive bloody pad between your legs (that literally starts at your belly button and ends above your arse crack!), a raw 'undercarriage', and a general blur of feelings and emotions about that fact your life has changed forever and you don't know what the hell your doing! 

All I know is I didn't look this good! You've got to hand it to her. I wonder though, if she bursts into tears when she gets back to the palace...

Kate, Will and baby King leaving hospital

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