Thursday, 11 July 2013

today I am wearing...

A bit of a mixed weather kind of day. A bit of everything. Sun, cloud, blue sky, grey sky, warm, cold. I feel a bit like that myself...

I have a coffee meeting this morning, an excuse (now I work from home) to slip my feet into a pair of heels (hoorah!) and pop on a work dress.

I'm wearing my plum lined black Tokito dress and my aubergine (egg plant doesn't sound quite the same does it?!) Whistles pea coat. I've had this coat for years. I must have been about 22 when I bought this coat. Blimey! It's lasted well. It's still like new. Although it does smell slightly musty after being packed away in a box of old London clothes for so long (even after being dry cleaned).

It's funny, when I was out shopping in London a few weeks ago, one of the sales girls came up to me to ask where I got my coat from, saying, "the retro over sized style is so 'in' now isn't it".  I told her "Absolutely, I just love vintage style", and chuckled to myself.

My heels are Zoe Wittner, but then if you read my blog, you'll know that. You've seen them on numerous occasions.

Whistles coat, Zoe Wittner heels, Tokito dress

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