Monday, 25 June 2012

new shoes!!!

I tried so hard not to buy any more shoes. Really. I did. When I went to David Jones on Saturday and saw these little beauties, I tried them on, admired them in the mirror and put them back on the shelf. "No, no", I said to myself. "I don't need them. I want them, but I don't need them." And I walked away... They only had one pair in my size...

But. I then dreamt about them. I started to obsess about them, thinking of all the dresses they would go so well with... And I felt really annoyed with myself. Mr SS said I should feel proud of myself for resisting, and not 'wasting money' (??!!) but I did not feel proud, or pleased, just quietly mad.

Then this morning, whilst walking through a different DJs, trying to avert my eyes from the shoe section and staring straight ahead (towards the toys), what should I see? The shoes!!! It was a sign. I had to get them! So I did, I have, and I'm over joyed!

I love them! Yay, happy, happy me! And they were marked down to $45 (from $149)! How could I resist?! It was meant to be.
Diavolina by Robert Robert 'Kristy' slingbacks in nude

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