Wednesday, 20 June 2012

today I am wearing...

Queensland winters, they do my head in a bit, still hot in the sun, but chilly cold inside and in the shade. What to wear!

Today it's my easy Sussan baggy trousers and cornflour blue cardie, with a white Kmart vest and thongs. I know, I know I'm wearing 'pants', it doesn't happen very often, but sometimes I cave.

Once again a trip to the sales was knocked on the head by a sick mini-me. So a home day it is. Now back to nurse duty... (and unfortunately it's real nurse duty, not the fun bedroom kind..., well not real, real nurse duty, I'm not a nurse - oh you know what I mean!)

Sussan denim/linen trousers with navy/white striped belt
andf Sussan cardigan

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