Friday, 22 June 2012

stiletto lust... why I adore heels

I had a request from 'Dave The Shoe Guy' yesterday (from a picture I posted on Instagram), asking me (and anyone else who wants to add something) to explain why I love shoes, and it has made me ponder on the question. Why do I love heels?

I just always have. From that first pair of heels, aged six. They had little kitten heels, they were red patent and had a dainty ankle strap. The clipped and clopped when I walked down the street, just like my big sister's. I adored those little shoes.

The truth is, nothing makes my heart skip a beat more than that moment when I spot a gorgeous pair of heels. The adrenalin starts to pump, my pulse quickens, I get slightly panicky (in case they don't have my size) and I become obsessed.

Everyone has something they lust after. An irrational need. Diamonds, handbags, automatic watches, cars, cooking utensils (??!!) ... Things they are happy to pay ridiculous amounts of money on, just because they love them. For me it's heels. Only heels (okay, and holidays).

What is it in particular about the shoe? It's the heel. The way a thin, straight stiletto stands so sexy and proud, shouting for attention. Everyone knows a beautiful pair of shoes absolutely makes an outfit. It's the way they extend the leg, flatter the curve of your calf, and the sexy arch of your foot... just gets me. It's a beautiful thing. Let's face it, every thing is better when wearing heels! They make you feel confident and sexy. People notice. I notice.

I have very particular tastes though. Not any pair of heels will do! I don't like strange shaped, chunky heels, I detest S&M heel-less shoes, I'm not really into straps (unless it's a simple, thin ankle strap) and they can't be too fussy. The heel has to be high and thin, and if there is a platform, it needs to be discrete, so the shoe doesn't look like a stripper shoe.

I like my heels to be classic, timeless, simple, elegant and sexy. And then I'll love them, and I'll want to gaze at them and feel the curves and, well, let's just say, I understand why people have shoes fetishes...

The Christian Louboutin Black Patent Pigalle Stiletto.  This is THE perfect shoe!!!!
This is the pair I must own and dream of wearing.  
Just a few of my favourites

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