Thursday, 7 June 2012

smile makers...

A group of advertising hot shots from leading agencies in three countries have 'come' together (ahem...) to design a range of happiness gadgets, apparently aimed at "vibrator virgins".

The Smile Makers vibrators, shaped like a fireman, tennis coach, a millionaire and a Frenchman, have been designed to make vibrators less embarrassing to buy.

The Smilemakers come (again) in soft pastel colours, and are made to look more like trendy kitchen utensils than fake penises. 

They will soon be available from leading department stores (in the beauty section) and chemists in Europe, Asia and the US. For everyone else they will be sold through the Smile Makers website

They do look rather cool!  Any takers? 

The Smilemakers range - coming soon...

Trendy packaging so you can buy them with your 
toothpaste without embarrassment...

Source: Ad News

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