Tuesday, 12 June 2012

deep or shallow?

So what are you?  A deep thinker or shallow, like me? 

Do you like inspirational "quotes" and amusing testimonies written to motivate, or do you roll your eyes and silently say 'what a load of wanky bollocks'?

To be totally honest, there is not much going on in my head.  I could lie and ramble on about all sorts of spiritual, enlightening concepts, but I won't, cause I can't be bothered.  I'm quite happy being shallow.  Content even.  Why worry about things before they happen, or encourage a load of hassle? 

Essentially I am incredibly lazy.  I have a short attention span, and can get totally fired up and passionate one minute, then go totally off the boil just as quick.  I have lots of great ideas and I'm sure I could have been very successful, but I'm just not that driven. 

I do envy people who are committed and motivated and have a real talent, unfortunately I've just never been that interested in anything, and I give up too easily.  Except for maybe shoes. And shopping. And maybe sex.  Oh and gossip and celebrity.  And travel, trying new things, lazing about on pristine, deserted beaches in the sun...

Right, I'm bored now, as long as I'm not missing out on anything, I'll be off... 

What personality type are you? Do you try to better yourself constantly and like a challenge?  If you do - good for you! I mean it.  It makes life and friendships fun, thank God we're not all the same!

Me, rolling my eyes...

1 comment:

  1. Love this!
    I am passionate and never stop thinking
    And although I constantly call you shallow, I don't really think that ;)