Friday, 22 June 2012


I do love stockings. I mean stockings. Not tights. In my London days I would wear them regularly. But these days, living in a much warmer climate I don't need to.  But a friend of mine gave me a quick flash or her lace topped hold-ups the other day and reminded me of how lovely and sexy they are. She was just wearing them round the house and they made her feel good.  How fabulous! If I had been a man I definitely would have seen 'red'...

It's amazing isn't it, how unflattering tights are (it's the gusset that does it) but how sexy stockings are, either with a suspender belt or hold-ups.  How different you feel wearing them.  Tight restriction or freedom, and with that freedom, opportunity...

Agent Provocateur sell beautiful stockings, as do all good department stores.  Ummm.  I think we all need to go out and get ourselves a pair... 

Dita Von Tesse in her finest

Tinsley Mortimer wearing black Falke Stockings
 for W magazine
Agent Provocateur - seam & heel stockings
Nude hold ups.  Nice.

Sexy fishnets always a winner

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  1. okay. i am convinced. and thanks to Bradley I now know where to get some ;)