Monday, 18 June 2012

baby talk gibberish

After a delicious lunch yesterday, my family and I had a stroll along the waterfront. The sun was warm, the sky was a beautiful deep blue and the sea flat and glassy. We decided to sit for a bit, to take it all in, feeling happily replete and drowsy. All was good in the world... That is until another family decided to sit close by. Umm. Personal space sensors alerted. Then the mother's voice seriously started to get on my tits. You know the voice, the patronising, sing song 'I'm talking to a baby' tone, "Ohh yummy pot ay toe. Umm yummy pot ayyy toe. Ahhh lovely potato. You don't like potato? Yummy yummy yes you do love potato."

This bloody gibberish just went on and on. On repeat, the same potato chant! My skin started to prickle, my tranquil thoughts interrupted and annoyed.  All my calm relaxed happy thoughts started to curdle. I so badly wanted to chuck the bloody potato over the women's head! FFS just feed the bloody thing! Don't repeat yourself like an idiot!

Look, I'll admit it, I acted like a twat when I was a first time mum. Over stimulating my precious child and reacting to every gurgle and fart, but, now I do have to roll my eyes. I'm not very tolerant.  Why is that?  Shouldn't I be understanding, and just smile sweetly?

We had to move on after 10 minutes.  I just couldn't stand it.  The gooey eyes, the sticky mess (that was too close for comfort) and the baby talk and the nappy that was so full it looked like it contained a bowling ball! 

Home.  Peace.  Relaxation restored.

Yum!  My comfort food favourite. Mash.  Especially with grilled cheese!

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  1. I have to agree with you, the further away I get from babyhood, the less tolerant I become! I just don't think I could do it again now.