Thursday, 28 June 2012

Choose a partner for love (but preferably with a fat bank balance)...

Let me ask you this. Will you encourage your children to choose a partner for love alone? 

No, really. Think about it. 

Think about the difference it can make. A life of struggling versus a life of not having to worry too much. Having to think about money, or not.

What do you want for your children, or nieces and nephews? Happiness and health! Yes, yes, we all want that. A great, rewarding career, yes, that too. Travel, a life rich in experience and opportunity... Yep, but what else? Or is that enough? Is your motto 'life is what you make it'? There will always be people with more and people with less...

Okay, everyone has worries. People with money have a different set of complications and concerns, but it's not the same is it? It's not the same as worrying about bills and mortgage payments.  And what effect does this have on a relationship?

Do you sometimes wish you'd married/partnered-up 'better' financially, or does money not into it, either because you already have plenty (so not really need to think about it), you simply aren't motivated by money at all, or just live by the old cliché 'money doesn't buy you happiness'?

It's a tough one. Are my more well-off friends happier than those not-so-well-off? Some are, some aren't. Some people seem to know how to quietly enjoy their money. Others seem to battle with it. Other are flashy and seem to enjoy showing off. Then there it those who are just too damn tight to spend it, (which I find totally bizarre)...  Everyone works hard, puts in the hours. Some just get paid better than others, see opportunities, take risks that pay off, or just get lucky (or inherit), or have something to prove...

Believe it or not.  I'm not motivated by money (much).  If I had loads of it I wouldn't live a life of indulgence, I would live the world travelling the world, experiencing as much as I can and volunteering my time to causes I believe in. But, yes, I would do it in style and I certainly would have one of those air conditioned shoe closets (with Louboutins in every style)!

But I digress... if I'm totally honest, I would absolutely prefer my kids to have an easy life. I don't mean a lazy life. I mean a life free from financial worries, a life that allows them to follow their dreams and not be put off because they can't afford it. I don't want them to have to deny themselves things, or watch others enjoying a lifestyle that they can't afford.

Of course I'll be proud if they are successful themselves, but I certainly wouldn't have a problem with them choosing a partner who had money.  Money can't buy love or happiness.  And being happy with someone is something to be treasured.  

Ultimately I guess it's all about balance again isn't it...  

Tamara and Petra Eccelstone
with F1 billionaire dad Bernie

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