Tuesday, 26 June 2012

big sore knockers...

I feel for Jessica Simpson. She gained a shit load of weight while enduring the longest pregnancy ever, but she'll be fine. With her multi-million dollar Weight Watchers deal, personal trainers and dietitians, she'll be back to a 'normal' before we know it. But meantime, what I do sympathise with, is the size of her massive, heavy, rock hard, post baby boobs. I'm talking those first few weeks after giving birth.  The pain know one warns you about.  Engorgement, spurting showers of milk, boobs with a life of their own.  Ouch!

I had those. I went from a small perky handfuls to over inflated footballs. Literally. After I had my babies, they were MASSIVE. They were so painful for the first few weeks, that I can honestly say they hurt more than childbirth. Even when my own arms brushed against them, it made me wince in agony.  Sleeping was impossible, with the weight of the two milk filled udders pressing against each other.  Ugh.  So when Jessica Simpson tweeted a picture of herself this week.  It brought it all back!  Thank God, I am long past those days!

Now I can happily sleep on my front and jump up and down and wear what ever I like.  Yes, sometimes, small is best.

Jessica Simpson tweets her post baby big baps to the world

Me after baby no. 2.  

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