Monday, 25 June 2012

today I am wearing...

I can't believe this dress cost me $8! Yes, you heard right, $8! And it's from Coles (yes, the supermarket)!!!

I have to admit, I'm quite liking the Mix clothing range. It's unbelievably cheap to start with, then a week or so later, the stock gets reduced down even more! It's either selling badly or they have such a huge turnover of stock to get through... Flicking through the clothing rails is now as much of a habit as popping milk cartons in my trolley!

The quality seems okay too. This dress for example, I tried it on thinking it would feel and look cheap, hang badly and be a strange shape, but it fits really well and I think, looks really nice! I've added my thin red snakeskin Just Jeans belt and my red Keds wedges, as I'm off to the mall, to hit the toy sales with the kids. Nothing much else to do on the first day of the school holidays, when it's cold and drizzly...

Mix dress and red Keds wedges


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  2. YAY! Someone else who shares my enthusiasm about Mix! I found an awesome blue pinafore for 5$! It's great cotton and style. Plus they're very generous in their sizing! (Bonus!)