Friday, 29 June 2012

spring trends...

I must say (so I will), I really like the new Spring Season trends. There is so much to choose from. Pretty much anything goes, so long as it's pastel, patterned, bright and colourful! Classic 50s style silhouettes are key, as are simple A-line shifts, and the must-have peplum waist is still popular - hooray!

I have put together a few items that I would really like to get my hands on! I absolutely love the hot pink Zara heels - that thin straight stiletto is fantastic!

Roll on Spring!
Collette Dinnigan mint lace dress. H&M pink shift. H&M strapless print dress.
Pink Zara T Bar heels.  Burnt Orange Cue dress & check belt. Tony Bianco snakeskin heels.
Portmans flower fitted dress. Tony Bianco Stilettos. H&M Yellow belted sun dress.

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