Friday, 15 June 2012

boobs of the week award...

Okay, after my slap on the wrist from our big brothers at Facebook, I have censored this weeks award.  Yes, yes, I know, don't complain! I'm still presenting the award!  But because this weeks recipient displays her assets to their fullest in a more modest way than some, we're going for a more classy look for a change.... 

So the 'Tasteful Boobs of the Week' Award goes to the glorious Christina Hendricks!

I love Christina's 'real woman' body.  She's sexy and curvy and beautiful. 

Don't ever change! We love you exactly as you are!!!

I LOVE this picture! Curvy Christina does sexy... 

Christina as a vamp

Christina in New York Magazine 2010
Not sure about the ropey hair...

Chrissy babe, how can you look any where else with such a fine pair?!

Source GQ Magazine and New Yorker

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