Thursday, 14 June 2012

hair drama

Until today I had been going to the same local granny salon for over 7 years. I liked the place and the girl who did my hair, because it was easy, fuss free, reasonably priced and they didn't push products or treatments at me, or talk to me too much. Perfect. My hairdresser knew exactly what I needed done and just got on with the job. I could sit in peace, with a stack of trash mags, and relax for an couple of hours.

But when I called to book in earlier this week, I was told my 'stylist' had moved on - ugh!!! I don't like change. Not with my hair. I never change it! I find doing 'hair things' a chore, it's just too boring, so having to find another hairdresser filled me with dread! What a hassle.

(BTW I did use to do things with my hair, a long time ago... including dying it black/purple and a bleached blond crew cut. But not now. I like it as is...)

So I must admit to feeling fairly anxious this morning, when trying (upon recommendation of a friend) a new salon. I went in thinking about how I would far rather be spending the money I was about to shell out, on a nice new dress or pair of heels, but I tried to think calm thoughts and relax. And I am so pleased to report - it was fine! Hurrah! It was a very pleasant experience and my hair, I am pleased to say, looks exactly the same as it always does - phew! In fact, I felt quite at home and will definitely go back.

So Lauren, at Rustic Hair, thank you.

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  1. I would have done it for you for free. xxx