Tuesday, 12 June 2012

today I am wearing...

Typical that the sun is out today, after such a grey, cold, drizzly long weekend.

It's still parky, so I've added a warm Portmans cardie to my outfit today.  I am counting down to Spring!  It's just so much easier to dress when it's warm.  I'm wearing my Portmans belted work dress with peplum.  I have this same dress in black too, cause I love this classic style. And my old faithful, very worn heels. 

God I'm like Katie Holmes and her awful tan boots which she keeps wearing, even though they are only fit for the bin! Katie - I'll throw my beloved, comfy stilettos away (and buy a new pair) if you throw your smelly boots away - how's that for a deal?!

Portmans belted dress and long cardigan, with old faithfuls

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