Tuesday, 27 August 2013

a couple of hits and a whole lot of flops!

Yes, I'm talking the MTV VMA's held yesterday in New York. Deary dear. Quite a few absolute shockers on the red carpet, but then that's to be expected isn't it. These musos know how to get people talking (especially if they have no real talent) by donning awful outfits. There is no accounting for taste. The fame goes to their heads. 

The hits

I'm not loving the flap, but for little Selena,
this is a good look. I like the colour and bustier

As much as Ms Swift annoys me
(with her 'I love my cutesy-pie-self' vibe)
she looks good. Sexy but classy.

Jen Hudson gets it right in gingham, leather
and pointy heels

I love Gaga in this leather number,
she looks hot and oddly normal



The flops!

Holland Roden. Drawn curtains anyone?
Open! Shut! Open! Shut!  A shame because, as
either a skirt or trouser suit this outfit would look
great, just not both together! 

Erin, what the hell can I say?! A droopy, sheer,
wrinkled, turbaned, rats tailed, bloody mess! 

Gold leaf overload! Iggy Azalea pretends to be
an Oscar statue. I think she's confused. Tacky.

Ciara, I just keep seeing a Shire horse mixed
with Elvis...  It's the feathery hoofs and the
glittery embellishments. Neigh!

Oh dear! Is this homemade?  
Last years Christmas tablecloth and edging?

Jillian Rose Reed! Warning: UGLY shoes alert!
The top and skirt combo just doesn't work for me,
not with that crap hair and those 'comfy style' 
elastic sandals! This outfit needs high stilettos
and a tight ponytail love.

Opps, this one's been to the loo and her dress
has got all twisted round! All the wrong bits
on display

Lil' Kim (who the F is she anyway?!) looking
hideous as always. Where the hell do I start?!
Do I even need to?! Ugh that tight gusset...!


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