Tuesday, 13 August 2013

today I am wearing...

Jeans. Yes, jeans! I've been running on the treadmill. I set myself a challenge to run 10km in 60 minutes. I still have 1:05 minutes to shave off my time before I reach my goal. But I'm pretty happy, I'm getting there. I loathe exercise, so for me, this is good! And amazingly I have lost weight on my hideous thighs! They will never be straight or thin, they still look like chicken legs, but they are better. So, now I don't mind jeans so much.

I was actually out shopping this morning, trying to find a dress for my Birthday. No luck. Nothing is really grabbing me with want, so my search continues...

Me in jeans at Myer earlier today wearing
Giordano jeans, Just Jeans top, Diana Ferrari
purple patent block heeled courts.

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