Sunday, 18 August 2013

pre birthday shop

I had the best shopping day on Thursday. So good that I have to tell you about it. It was just one of those days that I was meant to shop. Fate. The stars aligned and I was one happy shopper.

I knocked off work early, jumped in the car and headed to DFO. First stop, as always, my favourite shoe store, Tony Bianco. And low and behold... The boots and heels that I have lusted over for a couple of months were on sale and just one pair of each left... And they happened to be in my size!!! Hidden at the back in the wrong size section! Thank you dear eagle eyes of mine! $265 saved my friends!!! And as I was using an expired credit note courtesy of my lovely sister (she dug it out of the bin cause she didn't think I'd be able to use it so threw it away!) so they were in fact FREE shoes!! Oh joy of joys! It just doesn't get any better than that!

Then the dress hunt began. Something nice for my Birthday. I tried on loads of things, I went round the whole mall and ended up back at Charlie Brown, where my search began... I had narrowed my choice down to two dress. An elegant sequin beaded charcoal one shoulder dress ($79 down from $499!!!) and a cute fit and flare racer back silver/gold print mini dress ($49 from $179!) Agh! I couldn't decide! I had both shop assistants trying to help, but they couldn't decide between them either. Then one of the ladies cleverly suggested I buy both! Good point. I had the money - bargain! But. I had set myself a budget of $100 for a dress. As you know I like to set myself a challenge, so I cheekily asked if I could have both dresses for $100, to which the lady pointed out that the original value of the dresses was almost $600, so I was already getting a massive discount. Okay, I replied. Fair enough. So I went to change back into my clothes, promising I'd make a decision.

Time to have one last try at negotiation. I walked to the till and gently put both dresses on the counter, asking in a pleading voice, 'I have $115 cash in my wallet, that's all I have (this was actually a bit of a fib, but), so could I please buy both dresses for $115???' And amazingly the lovely sales lady agreed! I could have kissed her! Then snogged her after she then let me have both dresses for $99!!!! Yes, $99!!! She wouldn't even keep the $1 change! Happy? Bloody ecstatic more like! I was on a high for the rest of the day!

Beat that peeps! 
Tony Bianco 'Lolita' heels $80 down from $179.95

Tony Bianco 'Jessie' Boots $54 down from $219.95

Charlie Brown dresses both mine for $99 down from $678!!!!

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