Monday, 19 August 2013

best birthday surprise ever

Even as I write this, I am still in shock and still can't quite believe that my friends surprised me with the best present EVER! You see I haven't got my real present yet, just the fake one, so it's easy to think it's all one big wind up...

I am almost trembling with anticipation, waiting for the text or call to let me know my precious package has arrived...

OMG, where do I even start? At the beginning I guess. Okay. Friday night. My small, intimate, exactly how I hoped it would be, 40th drinks at a bar in the city.

Champagne in the car, the best table in the place, delicious cocktails (passionfruit and vanilla mojitos for me), share plates of trendy food and my lovely, lovely friends. Just seven of us. Perfect. Just what I wanted. The conversation ranged from foreskins (what's your preference), semen or shit (what would u prefer to lick?), to gossiping and having a laugh with the sad men stopping to chat with their cheesy 'on the pull' lines. You get the picture. Good times. 

Now to my present... First, let me say, I was not expecting anything! Something small. A Myer Gift Card perhaps (which I would have loved) or a little blingy keepsake. I was not expecting a big brown box with red and black ribbon.

I opened it, with all eyes on me. Wondering what on earth I'd find inside. Well, wrapped in red tissue paper was a pair of obviously fake, but still kind of cool (cause of the red soles, oddly signed with peoples names??) Christian Louboutin stilettos. Excellent! That's so sweet, fake Louboutin's from China! Cool! Thanks everyone! Then I opened an envelope with a Thank You For Your Order printed on it. Inside a couple of sheets of paper that I couldn't really read (due to my crap contact lense vision)...

Then Miss M says 'You're just not getting it are you??!!'. 'What?' I ask, 'Fake Louboutin's! That's cool!' I say. Then Miss L says, 'We've ordered you the real ones! Those (the signed shoes) are just your card, can't you read?!' So I fumble over the sheets of paper and see a whole page of lovely Birthday messages from friends and then an email order with the words, Pigalle 120!!!! Holy FUCK!!! I'm confused. 'What??!!' Then all together now, 'We've got you the real ones J! Real Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120s! Your dream shoes! They're on there way, being shipped here, cause you can't just go out and buy a pair, no one in Australia stocks them, we had to order from Christian Louboutin online!' FUUUCCK! Shocked? What a bloody understatement! Ecstatic! Yes!!! Totally and utterly gobsmacked! I didn't know what to say! I just sat there shaking my head, still not believing! Letting it sink in... Oh my God! What amazing, lovely friends I have! I cannot believe the trouble they went to, the big joint effort involved! All the people who chipped in and the thought behind it all. I actually feel a little guilty. I mean they are my DREAM shoes! And my friends have got them for me!

The best birthday surprise ever! Beyond my wildest expectations!!!

So if any of my dear friends are reading this, Thank You again! A truly amazing, special, dream present and a 40th Birthday memory to treasure forever!

Yippppeee! Happy 40th to me!!!! 

I'll post a piccie of my beauties as soon as I have them on my very lucky feet!


My 'OMG' face!

The Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 - yes MINE all MINE!!!!

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