Monday, 12 August 2013

beach babe must have

Kate Moss is currently on holiday in Spain. Working on her tan, making a fortune, looking effortlessly cool and glam. And her latest must have beach accessory? A beautiful, soft, lightweight, hand loomed Turkish towel. Well Kate honey, I've had mine for ages! Before trend, oh yes! 

What can I say, I have in-the-know beautiful friends with impeccable taste.

So if you too are tired of lugging a heavy, bulging bags to the beach? Rammed full of heavy, slow-to-dry, damp beach towels, Turkish towels are for you ladies (and gents)! 

Check out the gorgeous range from Aqua HQ. Beautiful hand loomed towels in beautiful colours, that are soft and light and dry in a flash! You can wrap yourself in them, sunbathe on them, dry yourself with them and even wear them (sarong style)!  I do all of that with mine.

So do yourself a favour this Spring/Summer, invest in a set from Turkish towels from Aqua HQ and head to the beach. I love, love, love mine!

Tanning time for Kate Moss in Spain this week with her Turkish towel

His and Hers at heron Island

My favourite

Packed for the beach. Light and quick to dry with a multitude of uses!

Miss L all wrapped up after a swim

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