Friday, 2 August 2013

a fling on the same side?

One of my old school friends and I made a pact over dinner one night (when we were in our 20s) that if we weren't married by the time we hit 40 we'd fly to New York, stay in a gorgeous hotel, sip cocktails, go to cool clubs and be seduced by a woman, have a full on sexual lesbo adventure. At the time, I pictured a classy, elegant but dirty blond, (I was imagining a kind of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct - well - it was the 90s!). Someone slightly older who could take charge and show me the ropes... Now as I approach the dreaded middle age milestone, I'm not so sure who I would chose (if I was actually single and up for it that is) and I had my pick of famous people...

So it got me thinking. Kate, Christy, Helena, Elle, nah not a supermodel. Juliette Moore, my beloved Angie-Ms-Perfect, Cate Blanchett, hmmmm. It's a toughie. Then it hit me. Tilda!  Yes, Tilda bloody Swinton. A total surprise I know! A bit too dykie I hear you cry, but you know, but I think she'd be perfect. Pop her in a silk slip and a pair of heels and yes, I could go Tilda. She's kind of dominant and sexy in a strange intriguing way (she'd have to do all the work, obviously). Umm. Yes. Food for thought.

Is there someone down there Tilda?

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