Friday, 2 August 2013

young Hollywood awards

It's the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards in the US. Never heard of this one before, but there's always room for more self congratulation...
No stand outs on the red carpet. Very underwhelmed. 
Lauren, AnnaSophia, Selena. Ladies you all look fine. Not great, just nice, passable, fine. 

Lauren, AnnaSophia and Selena, looking nice and presentable.


Really disappointed with Kelly Osbourne. I should love her yellow 50s style dress, but I hate it! It's the big flappy shoulder lapels. Ruins the dress. And the purple rinse hair is getting a tad tiresome and just doesn't work with the gunmetal platforms. Nah, sorry Kel.
Aylssa, that jumpsuit? It looks cheap and the cut outs? Ugh. 

Cat Deeley. Oh dear! Isn't Brad G your stylist? Did he have a night off? This tribal Aztec look is just too much! Straps and lines all over the show, you're making me dizzy!

Kelly, Alyssa and Cat.  Sorry ladies, your outfits are not doing it for me at all...

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