Monday, 12 August 2013

teen choice awards red carpet

Oh the hits and the misses of the red carpet. Don't you just love it! I do. Such a shallow but enjoyable way to pass a few minutes. So this time it's the Teen Choice Awards. Lea Michelle makes a teary speech (as predicted) and One Direction strut around and all the silly girls/boys get over excited (yawn!), and there are more and more 'celebrities' on the red carpet that I haven't a clue about (a sure sign of aging)...But back to the point. The red carpet hits and misses - are you ready?

The hits!

Nina Dobrev. My fav!  All of it. She looks hot!

Miley-Miss-Hot-Legs! Why not flaunt it?! 
Rocking sheer, leather and white stilettos.

Demure and sweet. Lea Michelle pretty in pink. 
Appropriate, given the circumstances.

Cheryl Lloyd. Black & Gold.
Cute. It works. Suits her.

Sedate and safe, but nice and
embracing the white stiletto trend

Crystal Reed. This Monochrome print trouser set 
is cool! Love the stilettos, red lips and white clutch


The Misses!

Abigail Breslin. I'm sorry, but ooo the cankles!
And wide feet. Nice dress, but I just can't stop
looking at the pale cankles in skin tone shoes. 

Paramore's Hayley William's. I HATE the vest!
It reminds me of a portcullis! And UGLY shoes.

Who the hell is JWoww anyway? Is she from 
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? That train is like
a cheap shower curtain and ugly sandals!

Lily Collins. She just annoys me. Those eyebrows
annoy me. The Bouffy hair and that skirt train. 
Why?? Cut it off, make it a simple mini! 
Put on some stilettos, not those bulky platforms!

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