Thursday, 29 August 2013

a yes and a no

Sandra Bullock is in Venice with Georgie C promoting their space flick Gravity. Yesterday she donned two totally different looks. One great, one bloody awful! Who the hell styled her? How could they get one outfit so right and the other so wrong?!

Spot on!  Love the dress, the loose hair and
of course the heels (which I have too!)

Nice heels! God, I love those shoes,
so glad I have the same pair in my closet!

Umm. Not so good Sandy Luv. 
Too severe, too harsh a look. You look like you
are wearing shackles, the dress is too 'big'. Too
80s. I don't mind the heels - just not with this
dress and vice versa, they just do not work
together. You don't look comfortable.

And the hair is too slick for this outfit. 

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