Tuesday, 10 April 2012

bored and waiting...

Easter Monday, dinner time. Absolutely no food in the house. Nothing open. I had no choice but to sit at the local take away, waiting for plastic pizza. I felt like I was playing a part in a movie. Bored of waiting, staring into space, trying to avoid more polite chit chat with the lady opposite me (leave me alone Missy), I had one of those surreal out of the body experiences where I could see myself...

It was the humming fluorescent lighting, cheap bolted down chairs, and really quite unappetising meal-deal posters, that did it. My mind just wandered off. I felt like I was in a scene from Lost in Translation (but obviously not in Japan), Clerks or Shortcuts (bloody good film). The clientele and the staff playing their parts perfectly (strange creatures).  

Then my 20 minute wait was up and I had to shake myself back to reality... BTW the pizza wasn't too bad!

The local Pizza joint. 

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