Thursday, 5 April 2012

back off sun haters!

I don't care what anyone says - everyone looks better with a tan, it must be really shit to have skin that just goes blotchy and red, highlighting veins and pimples... 

Nothing beats lying in the sun. That feeling of hot rays caressing your body.  For me it's a form of meditation.  Lying still, in just a bikini, the smell of coconut sun screen, a gentle breeze wafting over your skin, just simple, quiet relaxation.  Ahhhh....

What gets under my skin is people asking me why I don't 'just get a spray tan' and then launch into a skin cancer health warning... yes they may 'mean well', but listen - I've heard it all before, and yes I know the risks, but I don't care, thanks but I'll risk it. Getting sprayed in a cubicle is just not the same.

I actually find it frustrating when I have to hunt down factor 15 sunscreen and always feel disappointed when I have to apply SPF30. 

I usually launch into a well used excuse about being English and having to worship the sun as it doesn't appear (over there) very often.  And it's true.  I was brought up to love the sun.  In fact as a teenager, my mum would often wake me up to tell me the sun was out and to get outside (to sun bathe).

And yes, I have to admit I still get anxious if I don't get my dose of Vitamin D on a regular basis.  I get twitchy. At the end of winter, when it heats up and the real tanning weather starts, I wake up excited to see the sun, even though, now living in Australia, I wake up to the sun most mornings. 

So here's to healthy, bronzed skin, I love it, and I'll stick to getting it natures way!

Note: when it comes to the kids - yes I am a good mother and of course feel very protective of their skin, so in case you are shaking your head and tutting at what a bad influence I am, yes I always make sure they are sun smart.
Image: Life Magazine archives

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  1. Hey my lovely, well said. It is becoming a real issue that people are not getting enough vitamin D and kids especially need it for bone health. I hate smothering chemical sunscreen all over my kids, so we just avoid the mid day sun. The kids have their bloods taken regularly and in the winter their Vit D drops well below what we would like. Plus I just love the feeling when you've had a shower after a beach day Sarah x