Friday, 27 April 2012


This is funny... posted a story this week about a Queensland artist called Pricasso, I'm sure a lot of you have heard of him already, but I have a funny story about about the man himself - long before his 'fame' and sexpo days...

My sister loves jewellery, gold and diamonds in particular.  She met a young local jewellery designer who went on to make a few original pieces for her. They struck up a friendship and my sister was invited to the designer's studio, up in the Gold Coast hinterland. My sister took her teenage daughter along and while there, they were introduced to the designer's dad, also an artist.   They admired artworks and antiques and had a very nice time. 

As they were leaving the dad asked if they would be interested in seeing his work.  My sister politely accepted and followed him up to his tower studio/bedroom, which was obviously full of paintings and artists materials.  My sister and niece were then asked if they'd like to watch a video of the artist at work, and again, thinking nothing of it, said yes.  So there they are sitting on a bed in a artist studio, watching... watching a naked man, painting a naked couple on the beach - with his knob!!! My sister and niece almost died with shock and embarrassment! Me? I wet myself laughing when she told me! God, I wish I'd been there too, I think it's brilliant!

To view Pricasso's work, videos and website, click here

Pricasso with his Hugh Hufner portrait

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