Friday, 27 April 2012

hands up if you've found your G spot...

Image Christian Coigny photography
Come on, seriously... I'm interested. Who can honestly put their hand up and admit they know where their G spot is?

Is it a mythical thing created to keep us girls guessing? Or is it there to be discovered and enjoyed? This week, Dr Adam Ostrzenski of the Institute of Gynaecology in St Petersburg, Florida, believes he is the first medical expert to uncover its whereabouts, after conducting a post-mortem dissection of the vagina belonging to an 83-year-old woman. Nice. 

Apparently it's towards the back of the vaginal wall - but it may be in a different spot for everyone.  Great, very helpful then!  Other experts have said there is some evidence to suggest it is in the 'front vaginal wall near the bladder that causes swelling and enhanced sexual arousal'.... umm so we're still guessing...

The female orgasm is indeed a fascinating thing, one that has been hotly debated for years, and certainly has me intrigued too...

Freud said 'the vaginal walls were strongly implicated'. Others say all the nerve endings are in the clitoris and 'the organ of female pleasure is plain for all to see'. Other (female) experts say, 'The fact that women commonly report orgasms with clitoral stimulation and not so commonly with penetration bolsters the case that the clitoris is in fact the G-spot'. Then there is a team who think a women's sexual arousal is 'an entirely mental matter'... Sounds like the experts are still baffled.

Honestly, I don't know if I've found mine.  I don't think I have, I certainly don't know an exact 'button to push'...  There are so many factors to consider when reaching optimum arousal and orgasm.  I could go on for hours about the whys and the wherefores... but I won't bore you.  

So what do my dear readers think - have you found yours? 
Anonymous comments required please!


  1. Absolutely it exists, although I am not expert enough to ensure it gets stimulated at's more a matter of either happy accident or messing around until you get it.

  2. I have yet to find mine....or it has yet to be found by my significant other. I wonder if you could find your own....

  3. I don't know. Sometimes it can be so intense and all consuming and then the exact same 'ingredients' can result in a mediocre O. It's rarely the same twice.

  4. It's not just down there. It's visual, mood related & most importantly requires a little imagination without inhibition. Why else would sex be so good when your tiddlie & a little loose? Becoz u have left ur inhibitions at the bottom of the glass & let yourself indulge in simple pleasures.