Wednesday, 18 April 2012

book review... With My Body

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I've just finished reading Nikki Gemmell's 
With My Body. I had high expectations, as the much anticipated follow up to A Bride Striped Bare.  Umm. It's not quite. (BTW I found Nikki's The Book of Rapture really dull).

What can I say?  It's an enjoyable read, a sweet first love story, but not as intriguing or intense, or as original as A Bride Striped Bare. Rather than take me on a journey into someone else's life, I actually found it was very similar to parts of my own, so it almost felt too familiar and made me reflect on my experiences.  And at times, I admit I did skim read, as it gets a tad repetitive in the middle.  

Although beautifully written, the short lessons (chapters) make reading the story dis-jointed, rather than wanting to curl up and devour the book in one sitting, instead I found it just bumped along.

The book is essentially about a bored housewife based in the Cotswold's (in England), who reminisces about her upbringing in the bush (in Australia) and her teenage sexual awakening with an older, mysterious lover who teaches her the art of erotic pleasures, sex and submission, blah, blah, blah...  It's about who she was once, and who she turns into and her drive to get closure on some unfinished business so she can live an honest, true, fulfilled life again...

I'm guessing this was a tad autobiographical. I'd give it 3 out of 5 I think. As I said earlier, I prefer stories that allow me to see through someone else's eyes, I like to feel and think from a different point of view.  And although the characters in this book are very different to me, the older man teacher/lover thing - well, haven't we all been there? I just think it's been done before.

From inexperienced school boys to the world of older men who can't believe their luck and who totally make the most of 'teaching' young, peachy, passionate, eager play things all the tricks of the trade? As a teenager, I was well aware of the power I had over older men. It was surprisingly easy to wrap grown men (who should have know better) round my little finger... Rather than become wounded and hurt, I was empowered by it and yes it was lots of fun. I'd do it all over again. 

As for the bored, ageing, mid-life crisis housewife thing.  I get it.  It's life. The answer - honesty, compromise, communication and managing your expectations. 

So... yes, In My Skin is worth a read, just don't expect to be blown away.

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