Tuesday, 24 April 2012

about the boy...

Let me just say, before I continue, I do not lust over teenage boys. I still have a preference for (slightly) older men. I do not relish the idea of teaching a young boy new tricks even if they are passionate and eager. But...

For the first time, this weekend, I was quite literally lost for words, just for a few minutes, when faced with a 17 year old boy wearing only very low rise shorts. I just stood there open mouthed, looking at his incredibly fit, smooth body. Blimey. Gulp. Wow. I'd never noticed before... I mentally shook myself and peeled my eyes away, for fear of offending the boy's mother, who I was chatting to (at the time), who I'm sure noticed my slow appreciative look up and down... Flip!  Have I turned into one of those sad, old ladies? A co co cou - no! I refuse to use the C word, I hate it, it's offensive ( BTW, I much prefer the real C word, that one doesn't offend me at all, in fact I like it).  For the first time it really hit me how old I am and that I will never have my hands on that youthful loveliness again. 

Boys, boys, boys...

Okay - he's not a boy, but... not bad, not bad  at all!

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  1. As we grow older, we still wish we could have what we had many years ago, ive just hit my 30's and i still wish i could go back to when i was 18, with all the knowledge that i have now!

    But also in saying that, it really boils down to one simple thing, We all want what we cant have!

    I knew back when i was 18, fit and all, i really wish i could of picked up some of the older ladies, and hell even now, still would love to have the attention of an older woman!
    But alas, unless you have alot of money, or alot of class (you definatly have more than enough class from what ive seen) its just too had to get what you want, even for just one day!

    Hope you can have your cake and eat it too, but there is nothing like helping yourself to a little extra frosting on the side!