Monday, 23 April 2012

low maintenance make up...

This pot lasted 11 years

I wish I could get excited by beauty products and make up... but it's something that I've never gotten into.  Should I blame my mum cause she didn't (still doesn't) possess a huge make up collection and teach me how to use it all?  My mum did sell Avon for a year or two when I was little and I loved playing 'Ding Dong Avon Ladies' with my friends, playing with all the samples and testers, but for some reason the make up bug didn't rub off on me. I have never enjoyed the feeling of lots of make up on my face...

I don't read hair and beauty articles. I have never had a facial, a make up session or wax. I don't ogle new lipstick shades or hair products. I only own one eye liner, a mascara and a set of eye shadow (actually this I stole from my daughter's kiddie set) and I hate lipstick - the way it feels and tastes (sludge). 

I have very basic needs. My lips are serviced twice a day, from my trusty pot of Vaseline (the last pot lasted for 11 years), I use Simple face moisturiser and only buy a new mascara once a year.  My only indulgence is body cream (actually that's a fib, I buy whatever is on special as long as it smells nice).  But I love moisturiser and cover myself in it every day.  A dear friend of mine bought me some Aesop body cream for my birthday years ago and I admit it was divine.  But I was too much of a tight wad to spend $60 on a new pot when it ran out, so back to Vaseline, Dove or Garnier I went...

Occasionally I have a quick wander past the make up counters (on the way to shoes) to see if if stirs up a dormant longing, but then I just wince at the prices. 

So my question is this.  Am I the only woman in the world who doesn't care about make up?  Now I'm getting on a bit, should I change my ways and learn how to apply a bit of slap and blend colours?

The Aesop range smells nice

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