Monday, 30 April 2012

bring back the gentlemen!

Once upon a time, men had manners. I'm talking about old fashioned gestures and cheeky quips. Like holding a door open for you and insisting you go first, or offering to help (if you are struggling to get the bloody shopping trolley out of the tightly rammed stack), even the odd cheeky, appreciative wolf-whistle or car toot, as you walk along the street (this always makes me smile). 

Today, one my way in to work, I stopped off to grab a coffee as normal, while tottering back to the car, in my high heels, with car keys and coffee in hand, I stop at the side of the road (on a zebra crossing within the car park) and a man in a van, slowed down, looked at me then just carried on and went to park! This is just one example, I have many, and I'm disappointed.

Bring back all the nice men! Men who love and appreciate women, who enjoy a bit of harmless flirty banter, who call out "alright love" to make you feel good, or stop at a crossing and give you a smile!

Yes, at times there are some sleaze balls out there, and slimy weirdos, but we're all strong, confident ladies who can ignore the strange ones.

Have we (women) frightened men off with our calls for equality and feminist opinions? Or are there just a lot of misogynists out there (who happen to live in my suburb)? Or am I just old fashioned?

Bring it back!


  1. I agree with your comment that woman have scared off the men with their calls for equality and feminist opinions!
    its sad that a guy cant express what he thinks about a girl without her either throwing back some abuse, or thinking that this "sleezeball" is trying to hit on her!
    And not only that, the way most woman get fair up their husbands for even glancing sideways at another good looking woman! Yes i know that might make me sound like a male chauvinist, but its fact!
    I love the look of all woman (young, mature, bigger, smaller) that take the time to make themselves look pleasing to the eyes! and there is nothing better than the feeling you get inside when the woman shoots back a approving smile after a quick glance up and down! when it happens to me (rarely i might add) it makes me feel good knowing that my wife has a husband that another girl likes the look of! same as when my wife come up to me saying that some (insert offensive derogatory word here) just whistled and beeped his horn at her, makes me feel good that someone found my wife attractive!
    granted there are alot of dirtbags out there that are just pigs when it comes to woman, but if a well dressed, well presented man gives you his whistle of approval, shoot him back a smile or a wink, he took the time to notice you, return the favor!

    And as always Mrs Suburban Stiletto, you look amazing in everyone of your "what im wearing today" posts!


  2. Yes, I think you should always 'treat people as you want to be treated'... it's a simple rule. So many people are too defensive or sensitive these days! A simple smile or compliment can make someone's day. My husband and I always pick out attractive people when we're out and about. It's fun. We have similar tastes!