Wednesday, 11 April 2012

what happened to manners?

Walking back to my car earlier today, humming a tune, a smile of my face, enjoying the autumn sun, digging keys out of my bag... I arrived at the car to find a lady fiddling in the car next to me, door wide open (so I can't open mine). She looked up at me, then decided to totally ignore the fact that I'm waiting patiently. A few minutes goes by and my pissed off switch is starting to turn. I rattle my keys and she looks up with a dirty scowl on her face, slams the door and walks round to the other side of her car and disappears again. No 'sorry' or 'thanks for waiting' just an evil look. Where are your manners lady?!  Just cause you're in a fowl mood - don't ruin my good one!

What's wrong with people these days? A simple smile or word of thanks goes such a long way!   It's the same when people let a door slam in you face rather than holding it open, or don't wave thanks, when you let someone merge their car in front of yours.

Come on people it's not hard: polite manners, respect, consideration of others...

Michael Douglas in the brilliant black comedy Falling Down

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