Friday, 13 April 2012

stiletto love


Christian Louboutin - night

Christian Louboutin - day


  1. Long time reader, first time poster.

    You have some great taste! i love your style & fashion seance.

    Im an 80's guy, that, like you, has seen the ups and downs of fashion. it is good to see the style of the 80's coming back, but it seems the generation of today have taken the good parts of it, then compleatly destroyed it! you see them walking around in short shorts, tight tops, and raggy shoes. even the girls that wear the nice dresses still wear really offending flats! its very rare that you will see a well dressed girl with a pair of shoes to match!
    Even the older girls/woman are falling victim to this fashion!
    Its not that im saying that parents should allow their kids out wearing sky highs, and not much of anything else, but at least teach their kids some dress sence! even the guys are dressed like they have just crawled out of the op shop with nothing but 50c to spend! i used to get scaleded by my father if i was taking a girl out, or even going out in public, dressed like a slob! it was always clean and tidy clothes, AND clean shoes!

    Fashion has fallen to the way side!

    But its great to see you still have the grace and flair of a trend setter! your husband has to be one lucky guy to have someone so classy as yourself!

    I love seeing your "what im wearing today" just something about your style that really set it all off!

    Looking forward to your continuing posts!


  2. Why thank you - you've made my morning! Totally agree with you. Keep reading! J x