Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beauty and the... bland?

She really is gorgeous isn't she. Cate Blanchett. Rarely puts a fashion foot wrong, never makes a silly faux pas, always chooses meaty acting roles that challenge her endless abilities. 

Umm... I wonder what she looks like naked? How her boobs have held up (or not) after three kids... Did she have c-sections or does she have to work on her pelvic floor? Does she enjoy anal sex? Or prefer creamy plain vanilla?

But my biggest question (and yes, I know I am being shallow and mean, but, don't lie and tell me the thought hasn't crossed your mind!) is this - what the fuck does she see in husband Andrew Upton?!!!

I know looks don't count (actually that's bollocks, of course they do), and he may have been trim when they met, and yes, he's creative and a playwright and has intellectual talents, but, but, BUT!!!

Do they have an open marriage perhaps? Can they both take pleasure elsewhere as long as the heart stays loyal? Ummm. I wonder.

I mean, there are sooo many talented, sexy, handsome men out there... Just look at the hot actors Cate mingles with! The directors, scriptwriters... She must get tempted, she must!

Or maybe her aloof, cool ice queen demeanour scares them all away.

It's fascinating...isn't it?!

She's a better woman than me (in oh so many ways!) I would have dumped him after my first Oscar nomination and had a string of decedent, passionate, intense flings then settled down with someone who was my aesthetic equal... 

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