Saturday, 25 January 2014

SJP shoes

It was only a matter of time before Sarah Jessica Parker brought out her own shoe collection. Being the official Sex And The City shoe queen, I had high (ish) hopes. After all, the actress herself mingles with designers, is known to go a little left of centre with her attire, wears couture, usually looks pretty cool.

But WTF? Who are these shoes designed for? The over 50s?!

The heels are all wrong - they taper in and aren't straight and sexy. 

Not only are the designs totally unoriginal and some, bloody ugly, I can buy them all already at my local granny shoe shop!!! SJP cannot have had anything to do with the design of these shoes! But apparently she designed them 'using inspiration from her life, like little bows and flower accents...' Ummm, I'm not convinced.


Available online at, priced between US$195-$500.

The only pair I like! Navy 50s style wearable heels.
Granny style!
Ugly clogs!
Bridesmaid shoes.
I HATE these. That bowed ankle strap is crap!
My mum would wear these for a night out!
I have no words for how much I loathe these!!!
The best thing about these is the inner sole!
Boring! Just boring and been done before.

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